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Why today is a good day to start surfing?

They say it's never too late to try something new. Today we convince you to throw yourself into surfing, that sport that seems so cool from the outside and so hard from the inside. But what am I doing surfing if I hate the sea? Well, here we bring you the reasons why you should learn to surf if you haven't already tried it. Surfboard hits aside, surfing has benefits, and many.


1. You will have a great time. Reason one why we try new things: Have fun. Never forget that this is the objective of any discipline, and in surfing we assure you that you will laugh. Yes, apart from tireness surfing is fun.

2. You will connect with nature. While surfing we are in full contact with nature, the ocean and all the species that live under and on it. There are infinite studies that defend that surrounding ourselves with nature in our daily lives provides us with mental benefits, helps us to be more aware and happier. 3. You will get stronger. And, after all, surfing is a physically demanding sport. Walking along the beach with a board that weighs tons, paddling for hours, fighting the waves, and then getting up from the board without falling. We are not going to hide from you that your first few days may come home with stiffness, but little by little you will see how your body and mind become stronger and how your arms exponentially hurt less. Be patient. 4. You will release your stress. Being in the middle of the ocean, sliding on a wave, watching the fish that pass under your feet are undoubtedly ways to get rid of that stress accumulated during the week at the office. Surfing requires concentration and observation of the environment as well as presence in our body. While we watch how the next series arrives, we may not have time to think about all those problems we had before entering the water, without a doubt you will leave the water more relaxed. 5. You will meet new people. Most likely, there are other surfers on the beach enjoying the waves, take the opportunity to meet other people with whom you can share your surf sessions. You will make friends for life, and you will change the meetings in the bar for the meetings in the sea. 6. You will explore new places. Not all of us are so lucky to have the waves at our doorstep. If you live far from the sea, or the conditions are not favorable for surfing in your area, "unfortunately", you will have to move, explore new places and travel in search of perfect waves. You no longer have excuses for that trip to Maldives that you wanted so much.

7. You will be happier and you will be more tanned. Believe it or not, tanning and happiness go hand in hand and that is that sunlight influences our mood and stimulates the production of vitamin D, take advantage of sunlight for outdoor activities, get out of your cave. Of course, always with sun protection, do not go to tan excessively. 8. You will be more aware of Planet Earth. By spending more time in the ocean, you will be able to see first-hand how marine pollution affects you. Seeing yourself in the water surrounded by garbage may change your mind and you may decide to live in a more sustainable way with the environment, or at least not throw garbage on the ground, or in the sea. 9. You will have greater coordination and balance. And it is that surfing not only works strength, it also improves our balance and our coordination. From when the wave comes until you catch it, only a few seconds pass in which you have to execute a series of movements and maintain your balance on the board so that you can hold the wave to the shore. 10. You will have more confidence in yourself. Not only because of the strength, the tan and the surfer type that will stay with you. Spending time at sea will increase your confidence in the different aspects of your life. You will look more capable, happier and more prepared for any romp that comes in and out of the water. Have we convinced you? If you want to start surfing now, don't miss our next KUKUI Surf & Yoga adventures.


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