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KUKUI is the Hawaian tree of light, and that's exactly what KUKUI brings to every experience LIGHT. Our retreats are opportunities to enjoy the slow life, to connect with the tribe, to move, feel free and disconnect from our daily routine, having the space for looking for that inner light.

KUKUI was born with the intention of looking for that light together, as a community, as a tribe, to learn from each other, creating longlife memories and sharing the simplest things of life.





Nice to meet you! I am Esther creator of Kukui Surf & Yoga. Born in the city of Madrid one day I decided to cheat my city life, grabbed a backpack and flew to Bali to follow my dreams.

While being in the island I changed my way of living seeing the world as I went deeper in the practice of yoga and meditation. It made me appreciate the simplicity of things, because, yeah! life is simpler than what we think and actually we need less to be happy.


I discover the potion for a happier life. Now I want to share this potion with you by creating trips and retreats  that provide a safe and serene space for people to reconnect with themselves, to enjoy being outside in contact with nature, and to create lifelong memories with free souls alike.

I spent years moving from one continent to another, learning about the planet and about life while meeting thousands of inspiring souls. Travelling made me grow respecting the earth and appreciating the power of mother nature. And that´s how I fell in love with surfing! a passion that allows me to connect with the nature while paddeling out in the ocean and to smile while riding a wave!

My other passion, yoga, called me to go on an Indian adventure where I became a Certified Yoga Teacher. After several years, the practice of yoga has taught me to listen to my body and mind, and I learnt that is not about perfection but about feeling alive, loved  and free and that´s what I want to share in my lessons.

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