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5 Reasons why you should come surfing in Galicia!

We love traveling, tropical paradises, surfing in a bikini and roasting in the sun. Galicia has nothing to do with any of that, however, this little paradise has stolen our hearts. Location of many of our experiences and events KUKUI is the place where everything was born, so we are grateful to be able to share this beautiful corner of the Atlantic coast with the tribe. But what makes Galicia so special?

1. The beaches: Galicia is the Community of Spain with the longest coastline. Yes, even if you don't believe it, Galicia offers countless beaches and when it comes to surfing you can find a beach for each type of conditions. When the winter big swells arrives and the exposed beaches get huge waves (5 meters someitmes), you can always look for more sheltered spots and even rivers beaches where you can find a surfable wave. In Galicia there are waves for all tastes and beaches for all colours.

2. The landscape: Without a doubt, the Galician environment is unique. Its green hills, its infinite eucalyptus forests, its fields of grazing cows next to the white sand beaches make Galicia a magical place to enjoy surfing. Ruins from another century, goats on the cliffs or barnacles on the rocks are just one more attraction that encompasses the beautiful natural environment of Galicia.

3. Tranquility: It is one of the few places in Spain where you can still find corners where you can be completely alone, where you can be quiet away from the world. And in the world of surfing that is highly valued, finding beaches where you can be by yourself in the water, without cars or noise around you is one of the main reasons why we love Galicia. And not only in the surf, the small villages, the country life and the relaxed Galician rhythm transmits a peace that we want to share in each KUKUI retreat.

4. The weather: Yes, the weather. It is true that in the north of Spain it rains more frequently than in the south. However, believe it or not, temperatures are usually mild, especially in summer where there are no days of extreme heat and you can enjoy the beach without melting. And yes, there are also sunny days in Galicia. The water, we are not going to lie to you, is refreshing, however with a good wetsuit, you will spend hours and hours in the sea without worrying about anything else than catching many waves.

5. Life quality: Yes, in the end it is a combination of many things. Galicia not only brings you beaches, breathtaking landscapes, special people, nature and tranquility. Its traditional delicious food is also a plus and life is generally cheap. It is the perfect place to reset, disconnect and rest.

If you want to discover this Spanish paradise join our next Surf & Yoga Retreats in Galicia here.

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