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Why Yoga will make you a better surfer?

In every KUKUI event and Retreat we try to include both of our passions: Surf & Yoga. It's not a casualty, they both complement each other and we can't see life without one of them. If you have never practice yoga before, we give you one reason to start practicing today: Yoga will make you a better surfer, do you want to know how?

Surfing is considered an extreme sport, which releases adrenaline and uses the whole body. However, yoga is a more relaxed discipline that you can practice even at home, focusing on your mind, breath, and body. Mixing the hectic side of surfing with the calmness of yoga creates a magic potion with benefits for you and your surfing skills.

But, why Yoga?

Yoga means union and it is what this ancient practice seeks, the union of mind, body and soul. How does it translate? Yoga helps you being present and aware of the moment by combining physical movement with mental observation. How can yoga will make you a better surfer?

  1. Practicing yoga will help you stay in shape, as there are dynamic yoga practices that will take more than one breath away and improve your fitness capacity. A good physical shape is essential when you are in the ocean trying to catch a wave or paddling towards the line up. Some people see yoga as a slow practice, however there are active yoga styles such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga that for sure will make you sweat!

  2. Practicing yoga will improve your flexibility, gaining range of motion and agility when performing maneuvers on the waves.

3. Practicing yoga will improve your balance: Sometimes we don't pay attention to work on our balance, however, it takes such an important role in surfing as standing on the board requires a lot of stability. There are many balancing poses in yoga that will help you to feel more rooted practice by practice. Try tree pose, dancer or warrior III for working on your balance.

4. Practicing yoga will relax your mind. Practicing yoga helps you release tension and act calmly. That calm is necessary in every wipe out to hold your breath and continue enjoying your surf session! Don't panich while surfing, just relax, breath and enjoy the ocean!

It is clear that surfing and yoga go hand in hand, but maybe you have never practiced before, or you have no idea how to start. No problem! Join our next surf & yoga adeventure with the tribe here.


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