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Ku… what the hell ?! Yeah, we know. You’re probably thinking we just randomly picked a word that sounded cute for our business (and maybe we did ☺). But the truth is, that this word has such a beautiful and special meaning.

Kukui is a nut tree, also known as tree of light, brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians centuries ago. Ancient Hawaiians have highly revered the Kukui for its many uses: its seeds provided raw materials for medicine and healing, while other parts of the plants were used to build canoes, kapa clothing, and even.. dyes for tattoos! (yes, those super cool typical Hawaiian ones). But the most important use of this singular tree was to produce LIGHT. Hawaiians used its oily kernels to light up torches that would last for several minutes. It might not sound like much now, but back then, wow... it was pretty awesome! 

As you may imagine, the Kukui tree became an essential part of their life. Being his actual translation to English “light”, the Kukui became a symbol of enlightenment, wisdom, protection, and peace, and its spiritual powers are still believed to be true.


And what does all this rant have to do with Surf & Yoga retreats? You might wonder… Well, we believe there’s few things more healing and that bring more light into your life than doing what you love, with passion, and sharing it with others. For us, surf, yoga and human connection are some of those things, and we would LOVE to get to share them with YOU.

Our mission is to create adventures in magical places around the globe, pouring heart & soul into it so they'll become unforgettable experiences. 



Image by Marc Noorman
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