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Get off the plane, feel the heat that comes from the desert, breathe, feel free. Another country, another culture, another language, and another landscape to get lost and to find yourself.

Endless roads in remote places, palm trees, olive trees and lots of argan. Goats, sheep and the occasional dromedary, donkeys, chaos and order, all at the same time.

And in the middle of the desert, of the arid and dry climate, we arrived at our little paradise. Imsouane. Our African home, our peace corner in the Berber heart, the spot where everything slows down, where the sea and the desert shake hands, the place where we finally stop.

Thanks Imsouane for joining the tribe. For your infinite waves, and your unique sunsets, for the moments of silence and those of uproar. For the colors and the flavors, the smiles and the laughts. Thank you for making us forget if it's Monday or Saturday, if it's winter or summer, for letting us taste the salty present of the magic bay.

Thank you tribe for daring. For being part of these memories of Africa. For laughing, feeling, giving and sharing. For all the moments of this little Moroccan adventure. For your energy.



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