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5 Yoga poses to keep practicing this summer from the beach

There are many studies that emphasize the benefits of yoga that helps us relax, release tension and relax the mind from the moment we get on the mat. We know that relaxing is one of your purposes for this summer so we 100% recommend that you spend a few minutes on your holidays practicing yoga and meditation.

If you are one of those that you don't move from the beach during summer, no problem! We bring you 5 yoga poses to practice this summer from the beach, no excuses!

1. Easy Posture -Sukhasana: As its name suggests, Sukhasana is an easy posture that can be performed by practically everyone regardless of their age, physical shape, etc. It simply consists of sitting cross-legged, with a long spine, and arms relaxed on the knees. It is one of the most used postures for meditation and if it is difficult for you to move in summer, this is your posture since it hardly requires effort. Once in it, close your eyes, relax your mind and focus on the sound of the waves for a few minutes, it will help you see life from a more positive perspective.

2. Cobra Pose- Bujhangasana. The cobra asana helps us to strengthen the lower back, and helps to improve back problems thanks to the opening of the chest increasing the flexibility of the spine. Stay a few minutes in this position, with your shoulders relaxed and your back will thank you.

3. Boat Pose - Navasana: Navasana is a posture that works abdominal strength. It is a posture of medium intensity that you can do sitting on the sand looking at the sea, imagining that you are a boat while toning the trunk, something that we usually forget in the summer months between beach bar and beach bar. If you find it difficult to keep your legs straight, bend your knees and keep your abdomen strong.

4. Dancer Pose- Natarajasana: This asana is of a more advanced level as it requires balance, strength and flexibility at the same time. For starters, you can even help yourself by leaning on a rock on the beach if your balance fails. It is a very complete posture that works the whole body in addition to stretching the torso and opening the chest, one of our favorites.

5. Tree Pose - Vrikshasana: One of the most popular poses in yoga classes that works balance and concentration while opening the hips. Practicing Vrikshasana in the sand usually costs more than on dry land, so you will have to concentrate as much as possible and put all your attention on your body to hold without falling. A position that will make you forget about all the pending meetings when you return from vacation, and enjoy the here and now this summer.

Tomorrow when you go to the beach you already have a plan! Save a few minutes for yourself, for your body and for your mind and you will notice the difference.

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