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5 reasons why meditating will change your life

Maybe you don't know what meditation is about, or maybe you already spend a few minutes meditating in your daily life. Meditation is a technique of relaxation and connection with ourselves on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Meditating helps us to reconnect with our most unconscious side that we often forget and stop listening to. There are many benefits of meditation, and it is not necessary to spend hours and hours a day to see the changes that it can bring to your life, you will notice the difference by starting with just 15 minutes a day to stop, get out of the routine and observe yourself, since meditation goes beyond the practice by modifying your lifestyle.

Still not convinced? Don't miss our 5 reasons why meditation is going to change your life.

Physical and mental relaxation

The quintessential reason that draws people into the world of meditation is the need to relax, de-stress, and reduce anxiety. And it is that, spending a few minutes to sit and observe our breathing and our body make the muscles relax, calming down our breathing by sending signals to the brain that moderate the release of cortisol and increase melatonin and serotonin, reducing stress and internal anxiety while increasing the immune system.


When we meditate we are present in every sensation, emotion and thought, making it easier to recognize our reactions and learn about them, thus getting to know ourselves in a deeper way. Through meditation you can learn how your breathing works, your mind, and even what is your reaction to different stimuli. Self-knowledge is of great importance to understand ourselves and to be able to make decisions aligned with our deepest self.

Increase of concentration, creativity and productivity

Meditation modulates the rhythms of the brain. Alpha waves are closely linked to creativity and relaxed concentration. The practice of meditation manages to recover hours of this Alpha rhythm and, in this way, favor and improve the processes of attention, relaxation and creativity. Greater concentration will lead to more productive days, a clearer mind, and clear ideas.

Better social life

The self-knowledge and relaxation mentioned above can help improve our social life. How? Being relaxed fosters positive relationships and increased interest, attention, and understanding for other people. In addition, through self-knowledge you will learn to channel your negative reactions such as anger and hate and you will be more present when they appear, recognizing your emotions and accepting them as part of you instead of using them to face others, thus achieving more sincere and real social relationships.

Discover new perspectives of life Meditating encourages deep changes in the personality, taking a more conscious perspective of our life, opening ourselves to more positive thoughts and in tune with our body, mind and soul, thus achieving inner growth. Now that you know why meditating is going to change your life, we are waiting for you at our next Surf & Yoga retreat where there will be no shortage of meditation sessions at sunset on the incredible beaches of Galicia. Sign up now here.


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